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In the year of 2045

They came down from the sky

100,000 spaceships

Folding space before our eyes

And the whole world just went crazy

Everybody so alive

The wars and hatred stopped right there

Everybody so alive

And for maybe just a day

There was no need to pray

For peace on Earth

Their doors flew wide open

And they came out all in style

Everyone was stunned to see

They looked like you and I

They were trailed by little green men

Who held silver metal bars

They stopped all of our machinery

And froze up all our cars

And for maybe just a day

There was no need to pay

For war on Earth

They captured all our cities

And they turned us into slaves

They programmed everybody

But a few of us escaped

Now we're holed up in these mountains

We're the Liberty Brigade

We don't fight much anymore

About abortion or the gays

And for maybe just today

There is no need to pray

For peace on Earth

Now we stop and count among ourselves

The living and the dead

We hide at day and live at night

The cold ground is our bed

But there's one thing that we understand

As spaceships hunt us down

It took the end of everything

Before the people found

That it's easy just to pray

It's hard work every day

This Peace on Earth