Careless Arrow

All those lonely nights

I watched you from afar

The sad but lovely girl

Behind the big guitar

I guess you'll never know

My secret will remain

Locked inside a song

You walked into my life

Black case clutched in hand

You were some strangers' wife

I tried to understand

But there's no stopping now

I'm lost inside the song

That chains me to your heart

  And the way you pull my eyes
  Into your line of sight
  Is the one dead give away
  To the careless arrow shot
  I guess that I forgot
  How obvious it is, so plain to see
  That Cupids' random aim
  Has left me here in chains,  so alone

On one starry night

You held my sweating hand

So close towards the light

You whispered "Here we land"

And so began the lore

Now told in fairy tales

How sleeping dragons wake

Here we carry on

Like nothings' really there

You play the faithful wife

I act so unaware

We smile and say "Hello"

Exchange a word or two

But we both really know

So there's a picture now

On my little screen

You smile with feigned surprise

I know just what you mean

Your playful eyes betray

A sadness undefined

Something lost in time

And there's no turning back

I always will remain

Here inside the dream

I found you once again

The story often told

An ancient myth enshrined

In the rhythm of a song