I read your horoscope everyday

Just trying to understand the mystery at play

I try to read your mind but I already know

That you love me and it's starting to show

The chattering hens cluck and say it ain't right

But I'm just a boy who's a moth to your light

Love sneezes at such quaint and precious things

Like wedding rings

Such sweet careful vows

Are useless now I see

I read the papers and it's all in the news

Somebody's heartbroke, now they got the blues

Been there and done that maybe five hundred times

Now I'm just out to get

What I know is mine

You may seem to think I'm cruel and unkind

A house wrecking fool who's lost his own mind

But love doesn't care about small and simple things

When church bells ring

Such sweet careful vows

Are useless now I see

I've been so helpless, so owned for so long

So tired of lectures 'bout how it's all wrong

So he bores you, and he just never cares

What's so wrong with me just being there?

A good friend he asked me, "What's your end game here?

You're playing with fire, with gasoline near."

But love just ignores such loud and dangerous things

Such wreckage brings

I'm helpless in how I just blink at the vow you made