Lonely Like Me

You got my number on your phone

You can call me when you're alone

I think there's someone who hangs around

He's not too nice and brings you down

  Oh darlin' please, dial that number
  In your restless slumber
  Any time you want, and when you feel
  A little lonely like me

I know why you were hanging out

At the bar room, you danced about

You wanted something in the night

You saw it somewhere in your eyes

  Oh darlin' please, call me sometime
  On that famous love line
  For lonely hearts, and broken dreams
  When you're lonely like me

   You're not too far away from me
   Seven numbers on a little screen
   A ransom for the night
   As it holds you in its jealous arms
   As you won't sleep

Don't you worry, I'm slow and kind

I'd like to know you, what's on your mind

I think there's someone who buries you

Takes what's his and then is through

I got your number on my phone

I'll send you pictures when you're alone

I'm cool and patient, I take my time

You know I'm dreaming to make you mine