"They came unknowing, dreaming and awake, from the light of the Sky Gods' magic

city that appeared in the clouds. It must have seemed to them that they had only

walked lightly on their feet from their world into this one, by random fortune and slight

trickery of the eyes. They had no knowledge of the Sky Gods that had brought them

here and no understanding of why they had appeared to us; frightened and confused

dark skinned humans who spoke in strange tongues and wore bright colored clothing.

By the thousands they came from the magic city, and by the Law of Refuge given to

us by the Sky Gods, we comforted their needs and taught them the Great Laws of Iron

and Horses and the Way of the Dragon. They were master craftsmen of great houses

of stone and built our Higher Palaces of Blue Stone; and were the first of what would

be a twenty generation long migration of humans of infinite variety to our world, by the

thousands or by one, that continue to this day. Many of the 10th migration settled in

the Deserts of Avalon, and so began the legends of the Owl Keepers and The

Children of Avalon."

Taken from "Histories and Legends of 12 Elven Dynasties of Rhynyn"

Recorded by Gwenfarryn Dwynhaila, Elven Prophet of The Book of Wondering.