The Great War

Loves' hard battle lines

Are frozen there in time

Mighty armies clash

Steel and blood, an awful crash

An endless war

I fought so hard and brave

To prove I was no slave

My chains betrayed my lies

It carried in my eyes

There's just one question

I have for you

Do you cry sometimes,

Is that what you do?

When you hear my guitar

Playing in your head

I remember all the pretty things you said

It seems forever now

I wore my amour proud

Battle flag flying high

Never stop to wonder why

This endless war

So who has really won,

As we fired our guns?

Betrayal my battle cry

So justified was I

This morning came to me

Sweet sounds of birds that sing

Remembered there you stand

You held it in your hand

And I wished it was me

Up to this moment now

Kept to my steely vow

Fight on until my death

But now I do confess

I missed you for a moment there