Time Riders

The wild desert knows

And the wind that blows

The whole world, it bleeds

In colors I can't see

And the stars they all align perfectly

They dance in time

They tell the tale so often told

Ancient runes carved into gold

Lost boy meets a girl

He already knew somewhere in time

The gods, they all know

And it just goes to show

You don't get to choose

How you win or lose

And the water that falls from my eyes

Betray the lies

I've been telling everyone

How I don't care, you're not the one

The truth is hard to face

It beams down from outer space

Somewhere in time

  We act so cool
  But nobody's fooled
  All eyes turn towards the space
  Between us, we erase

We can finally go home

If we face the unknown

It's there in the dream

The mystery unseen

And it's there we can dance on the luminous waves

The ocean of light

Beneath the indigo sky

The exiles return

Old secrets re-learned

From somewhere in time

  This useless pride
  The great divide
  It's silly what we do
  We fight to win our point of view